Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sour Patch Kid Cake

Every year for my husband's birthday, I make him a special cake. This year's edition was Sour Patch Kids! My husband can eat five pounds of sour patch kids in one sitting (but not be able to eat more than two brownies at a time. Go figure.), so let's just say that they are his favorite candy....and quite possibly his favorite food.

I started out by making a 9 x 13" cake, and two 9" round cakes. I had to eyeball the sour patch kid design and cut it out of the 9 x 13" cake. I then cut out pieces from the round cakes to add dimension to the sour patch kid's hair (or whatever that wavy thing is on top of its head), eyes, and mouth. I then frosted the entire cake. I made a batch of fondant and colored it green, and covered the cake with it. Here's the cake covered in fondant:

 I then colored some clear piping gel (you can buy a tub of it at WalMart) to make it green and painted it onto the cake to get that jelly-like effect. 

 It's not a sour patch kid without sugar, so I used sugar sprinkles to cover the sour patch kid. 

And there you have one happy sour patch kid...and one happy husband :)

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  1. This looks kind disgustingly slimy in a good way. I think my husband would love it just as much as yours did.