Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monkey Birthday Cake

My little Tommy loves monkeys. LOVES THEM. So when his first birthday rolled around, I thought I'd make a monkey birthday cake.
To make the monkey head, just prepare a boxed cake mix according to directions. Grease and flour a stainless steel bowl and fill it about 2/3 of the way with the cake batter. Bake at the recommended temperature. Baking time varies due to size of the bowl, so just keep an eye on it. I made a large monkey head using a large stainless steel bowl and about 3/4 of one boxed cake mix to decorate a 9 x 13" cake. I wanted Tommy to have his own small cake, so I used the rest of the cake mix and baked it in a small stainless steel bowl. I cut slits on the side of the head (that just sounds terrible, doesn't it?) and slid in an Oreo on each side for the ears. I decorated the large cake with banana runts.

Tommy's little cake

What did Tommy think of his cake?
He loved it :)

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